2021 Packages Available Now for Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort

YAY! Today is the day! Walt Disney World just released their 2021 packages for booking. Here are a few details and changes:

  • Not all resorts will be available for booking right now. This could change at a later date.

  • Theme Park Reservations are required for entry into the park. Your package alone does not guarantee theme park admission. Theme Park Reservations should be booked as soon as you package is booked.

  • Dining Plans are still unavailable to be added to packages at this time.

Also earlier this week, Universal Orlando Resort released more components for their 2021 packages as well! A lot less changes over at Universal Orlando Resort and there are some great packages and promotions available! Contact me for more details on the amazing offers available!

To put in your request, click here!

- Torri

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