New Focus on U.S. Destinations

Hey there!

The last few months have forced me to rethink the way I do things in so many ways. One of those things is where my focus is for destinations I feature. After talking with some of my clients and followers on social media, I reworked that focus and dug deep to find amazing resorts right here in the USA that I would feel comfortable sending you to.

My standards are high in many ways and I would never want to send you somewhere I wouldn't want to stay myself. Over the last few months, I have developed the knowledge necessary to comfortably send you to domestic destinations that have high standards and safety protocols in place.

I want to travel and I know most of you do too! But being able to do it as safely as possible is key. I feel confident sending you to these lovely resorts. Early in 2021, I will be doing familiarization trips in West Virginia and Florida to experience and share some of these destinations with you. Later this spring, I hope to make it out west and do the same there.

If you are ready to travel, but don't want to go far, that is okay! More times than not, I can help you no matter where you want to go.

The one thing that has not changed is my complimentary services. I will take the best possible care of you and it will not cost you a penny more, often even less! I think 2020 showed many the value of having a Travel Advisor in your corner.

Let's get to planning!


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